Saturday, 2 November 2019

1:200 Charles W. Morgan, New Bedford Whaler.

A very old Life-Like Hobby Kit.  Straightforward enough to assemble, however the plastic was very brittle and hard so it broke rather than bent unless extreme care was used.  I managed to get through it only breaking and repairing the bowsprit twice.

The sails were a liability as they fouled the boat davits. Some surgery was required; in the end managed with only having to remove the mizzen course.

Thre's lots of information available on the ship albeit conflicting on some points with the actual ship herself moored in the Mystic Seaport Museum, Connecticut.

The biggest of these was the type of rig the ship had, either 3-masted barque or 3-masted square rigger.  Photographs of both types exist.

Rigging it was laborious rather than difficult, pre-drilling anchor points helped a lot here.  Anyway, here she is:

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