Battle of Mohács 1526

Forces of the Kingdom of Hungary, led by Louis II, and those of the  Ottoman Empire, led by Suleiman the Magnificent.  Decisive Ottoman victory.

Kallistra Hexxon table, using their Hordes and Heroes Medieval rules first time out, slightly adapted for this later period.

15mm figures, Ottomans mainly Essex, Hungarians and allies entirely Lancashire figures.

A couple of overviews:
Ottoman right:
Ottoman left:
The Hungarians allowed the Ottomans to deploy part of their army while the remainder was still coming up. The Ottoman artillery was deliberately placed on high ground in order that it could fire over the heads of the Janissaries deployed in its front. This will be taken advantage of in the game firing at long range targets.  The Akinjis on the left are opposed by the Hungarian heavy cavalry (at least two units short!)

This is Turn one for the Hungarians:
Attack on Ottoman left.
Attack on the Ottoman right.
Shooting Phase.
Combat outcomes. Red pawns indicate disrupted units.
Ottoman losses at end of Hungarian Turn one.

Abandoned it at this point as:

  1. Playing area far too small for the forces deployed.
  2. Unfamiliarity with the rules was getting in the way, any action took ages due to constant reference to the rules.
  3. Need to develop a decent QRS.
  4. Some troop classifications used were nonsense (my error).
To rectify:
  • Play out some skirmish-sized games
  • Do the QRS
  • Re-visit army lists.

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