Thursday, 2 August 2018

15mm Ottoman Turk

Mostly Essex figures with a few Venexia.

I intend to use modified 'Hordes and Heroes' but as these were originally organized under a different scheme, the figure numbers and basing differs.  H & H uses units of four stands of eight figures at 10mm.  Mine will be in some cases fewer stands per unit and generally fewer figures at 15mm.

Qapukulu cavalry.
Azab Archers.
Azab Foot.
Camp and Baggage:

The Army:

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

15mm Ottoman #4

The last one; Sipahis:

Still got to finish off the main blog entry to bring it all up to date..


Painted up some 10mm Landskechts as a test, figures showing their age a bit; might do a couple of companies rather than a regiment maybe:

Put a couple of entries into the Pendraken painting competition in July... Didn't get anywhere.
Got Warhammer Armageddon video game and all the add-ons at a rock bottom price from Steam. It plays exactly like a hex-based tabletop game and is lots of fun.

No doubt a keen Warhammer gamer could get more out of it, but blasty basic is fine for me!  So that will continue.

Ottoman upgrade continuing:
Got some finished and posted.

Still messing about with Hordes and Heroes.