Sunday, 11 August 2019

1/350 Zvezda Pirate ship 'Black Swan'.

Not quite as easy and straightforward as the box implies, dry runs and test fits necessary.  A lot of the 'snap fit' parts are a bit tight considering their fragility, care is needed.

Got there in the end, decided to scruff it up a bit as it's a pirate rather than naval regulation.  Took it easy on the rigging too, less stressful.


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  2. Now that's nice... no plans to cut it to the waterline and use in games??

  3. Cheers Steve. Zvezda offer three basing options with this kit, display cradle as I've done it, waterline (the lower half of the hull is a separate part from the upper) on a base they provide or water line on your own base. No way I'd use it for games, way too fragile, if it got damaged it would be hard to repair because of the rigging. The alternative of course is to build it as Zvezda intended, unpainted multi-coloured plastic without rigging. The ratlines come pre-moulded.