Sunday, 24 June 2018

10mm Tudor English (16th Century)

Same as the Scots, a re-visit though this lot a bit more varied as they'll have to last for most of the century.  Unlike the Scots, the English army went through some quite significant changes as the century progressed, ending up pike and shot with demilancers instead of bills and bows and chivalry. Mercenaries will feature, maybe even some Landsknechts added; we'll see.

Pendraken figures from across the ranges.

The army arrayed.
Figures added:
Retinue and levy billmen.
Gentlemen Pensioners.

The original Flodden organization:
Vanguard Right wing under Edmund Howard.
Vanguard centre under Thomas Howard, the Lord Admiral with forces under the banner of the bishop of Durham and the banner of St.Cuthbert.
Vanguard left under Marmaduke Constable.
Cavalry under Lord Dacre with borderers under the ‘bastard’ Heron and foot under the banner of the bishop of Ely and St. Audrey.
Main battle centre under the earl of Surrey with the Tudor standard.
Left wing under Lord Stanley.
Artillery under Appleby, camp and baggage.


  1. These look great, saw your post on TMP (on my 'help with flodden' thread), i've went ahead and ordered loads of pendraken minis, but don't know where to get the flags...where did you get yours?

  2. I researched them all from the arms of the various personalities named in the accounts, created them in Powerpoint and Paint and printed them from there. Sadly I lost them all in a disc crash. Ray 'yar68's blog has loads if not all the ones needed.
    There is one flag you have to be careful about, that is the Earl of Surrey's. Frequently it's shown with what's called the 'Howard augmentation' which was granted by Henry VIII to the Earl AFTER the battle. The augmentation is a little Scots rampant lion with an arrow through its mouth which appears on the arms. Obviously this did not exist at the time of the battle so you have to show Surrey's arms without it.
    There's a figure Pendraken do which isn't in the Scots pikemen standard pack. If you look at their website and look up 'European pikemen' in the same list; it's the figure with the upright pike, it's a little cracker. If you ask them they'll do a bag of them for you. Pendraken are very amenable, they did a bag of SYW mounted drummers for me not that long ago, same price as a standard cavalry pack.

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    1. Thanks. I think it's more or less complete now, maybe a few more mercenaries.

  4. These are spiffy! Based for any particular rule system?

    1. Cheers. Leaning towards 'Hordes and Heroes' as it's designed for hex-based 10mm. Now that the major painting is over I aim to start testing things out on the table.

  5. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  6. Great job, a lot of work no doubt, but a good result.

  7. Thanks, appreciated. Spread over a few years, wouldn't have fancied it all in one go.