Friday, 4 May 2018

15mm Saxons SYW

The whole Army, took a while but finished at last:

The Saxons formed the left wing of the French army at Minden.
C-in-C and Staff, Division Command, Artillery, Infantry Brigade.
Deployed to the immediate right of 2nd Saxon Brigade. Du Mesnil's Division; Royal Étranger Brigade:
Mestre de Camp:
Royal Étranger:
Grammont Balincourt:
Second Saxon Infantry Brigade.
Grenadier Battalions:
I/II Grenadierbataillon Kurprinzessin:
Musketeer Battalions:
Prinz Gotha,
Graf Brühl,
Prinz Anton (aka Minckwitz),
Rochow Fusiliers,
Detached Grenadiers,
  • limbers from Irregular, 
  • crews from Warrior's generic 18th century range
  • guns are 1/72 plastic from the Imex AWI Continental Artillery set.  These are great little models, far too small for their original purpose but not too bad at all for this.  

You gotta love that flash colour-scheme though!

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