Tuesday, 22 March 2011

28mm Scots Infantry 1680s

Had a notion for a project to do armies in 28mm for Bothwell Bridge and Killiecrankie.  After completion of these three battalions, I don’t think I’ll bother; too expensive and too much work.  On the back burner until Pendraken release their new range of LoA 10mm figures, re-examine it then.
So these three are an experiment but will grace the cabinet anyway.

Scots Guards.
Reiver figures (BLB3 Musketeer Battalion with cartridge boxes and pikemen) based with a nod toward ‘Beneath the Lily Banners’ on 60x60 and 60x30 bases.
Unsure whether I like these figures or not, anatomically and detail-wise they are a bit strange in places.  Lots of bang for your buck as they are big.  On the down side, they took ages to clean up as they had large amounts of flash and extraneous metal.  On the plus side, less than a quid each.
The next two are made up from the controversial Wargames Factory WSS infantry.  Entirely different from the Reivers, took no longer to assemble two battalions worth than it did to clean up the Reivers.

The Earl of Angus’s regiment.
60x40 bases. Not much to say really.

Argyll’s Regiment.
Decided to mess about a bit more with this one.  Got bonnets and heads from Warlord Games (not enough bare heads in (WF set) and gave the sergeant a halberd from the spares box (medieval version but what the hey). Now if Warlord would do a sprue of matchlocks…
Overcame the problem of the swords being moulded backwards by cutting off the hilts and gluing the scabbards to appear as if the  hilts were hidden under the coat cuff.  Tried several methods with the swords which were ‘in the clear’.  Bayonets removed from the muskets, couldn’t do anything practical about no bayonet scabbards or plug bayonets on waist belts.
Only after varnishing did I notice that I had screwed up the bases, 60x30 instead of 60x40, what a wally!  That’s what you call close order.
All in all, if I was starting out building WSS armies, I would have no problem using these (especially at £18 for 36 figures and loads of bits to mix and match).


  1. Lovely units - seems a shame not to knock up a few units as opponents... :o))

  2. Cheers. Somehow I think they'll be re-appearing in 10mm this time with opposition, sometime in the dim and distant future.