Sunday, 20 September 2015

1/72 WW2 Japanese #1

First up in the project, a Rifle Company:
Company HQ.
Rifle Platoons.1stPlat011stPlat021st Platoon2ndPlat012ndPlat022nd Platoon3rdPlat013rdPlat023rd Platoon
Platoon leader, colour identifies the platoon (3rd in this case).  Frame is to hold a die as a hit marker.  When I eventually get around to gaming, I plan to count the hits for the whole platoon on the leader, rather than on each stand within the platoon, tidier I think than having loads of dice following the troops around.
Figures are a mix of Revell and Italeri plastics and 20mm metals from Platoon 20 and Britannia miniatures.
Boxart Japanese Infantry 02507 Revell
Needed some tropical and arid terrain items, the varnish didn't like either the trees or the temperature; no matter, look less fresh:Tropic01

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