Saturday, 15 August 2015

One Hour Wargames

Getting more and more interested in this and it could quite easily become (along with HOTT) the house rules of choice.  I’m aware that many view OHW rules as over-simplified, etc., but I’m only in this game to simply push toy soldiers around (a dedicated wargamer I’m not).  Once I’ve soloed some practice games in different periods I’ll put up some AARs to let anyone interested know how I got on.


  1. Good on you for stretching your horizons, so to speak. I'd be interested to see how they go compared to, say, DBA.

    1. Hoping to get a few practice games in for different periods. One thing already obvious is lack of compatibility with say DBA army lists, no chariots or elephants in the ancients and the units are a bit sparse if each element is counted as a unit. I'm going to have to have a close look at my armies and count for example four pike or spear elements as one unit, it's all cosmetic as it doesn't affect the way the rules run at all; just seems a shame to leave so many figures off the table.