Friday, 25 November 2016

10mm WW2 French Tanks

The start of a project representing a French Light Mechanized Division (DML) in 1940.  I found a great site which had done most of the organizational research for me:

This formation makes a change from the figure-strong projects as it can incorporate a lot of vehicles. Ever found that, too many figures in the queue you really don't want to paint?  I chose 10mm scale with a view to getting enough vehicles to satisfy my aesthetic needs without piling up kits or breaking the bank. The Pendraken, Pithead and Minifigs (12mm rather than 10mm) lists showed everything I was after.  As a result this is probably the simplest project to start in a long while.

Chose to go for elements of the Combat Tank Regiment first with a squadron of each type using one model to represent a platoon.  The models are Pendraken with their codes in parenthesis.

SOMUA S-35 (FRE 1) squadron:

In case anyone's wondering SOMUA is an acronym for Société d'outillage mécanique et d'usinage d'artillerie, the outfit who made them.

Hotchkiss H-35 (FRE 2) squadron with one H-39 (FRE 3):

Anyway, it's off the ground.  Must stop taking close-ups, all the mistakes are showing.  For a light formation the DML seems well capable of looking after itself against the Third Reich.  What's your experience of gaming 1940?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

1/72 WW2 Australians

Final post in this project based on Australian forces in New Guinea circa 1943.

Australian Division
Machine Gun Battalion
MMG Section
Anti-tank Section, 2-pdr anti-tank guns
Rifle Company
Company CP
Rifle Platoons

Platoon 2-inch mortars

The complete force: