Saturday, 30 June 2018


The 'plan';-
Use the stuff painted in June for a start on familiarization with 'Hordes and Heroes'.
Get some more stuff, 15mm Ottoman Turks, to widen the gaming scope.

The AWI got started, two continental battalions painted in the 'rough', now on hold in favour of other stuff.

All previous plans and intentions gone for nought.

Got some 10mm Landsknechts to try and tracked down OK figures for 10mm Reiters:
Painting looks fairly straightforward, so I'll give it a go.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

10mm Renaissance Mercenaries

Expanded the originals to:
Spanish Mounted Arquebusiers.
Light Horse (well out of place, Turcopoles from Irregular, got 'em so may as well use 'em).
More Pikes.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

10mm Tudor English (16th Century)

Same as the Scots, a re-visit though this lot a bit more varied as they'll have to last for most of the century.  Unlike the Scots, the English army went through some quite significant changes as the century progressed, ending up pike and shot with demilancers instead of bills and bows and chivalry. Mercenaries will feature, maybe even some Landsknechts added; we'll see.

Pendraken figures from across the ranges.

The army arrayed.
Figures added:
Retinue and levy billmen.
Gentlemen Pensioners.

The original Flodden organization:
Vanguard Right wing under Edmund Howard.
Vanguard centre under Thomas Howard, the Lord Admiral with forces under the banner of the bishop of Durham and the banner of St.Cuthbert.
Vanguard left under Marmaduke Constable.
Cavalry under Lord Dacre with borderers under the ‘bastard’ Heron and foot under the banner of the bishop of Ely and St. Audrey.
Main battle centre under the earl of Surrey with the Tudor standard.
Left wing under Lord Stanley.
Artillery under Appleby, camp and baggage.