Friday, 17 February 2017

1/144 Air Support

The 1940 campaign continues with a couple of members of the RAF Advanced Air Striking Force.:

Zvezda 'Art of Tactic' Fairey Battle:

Revell 'MicroWings' Hawker Hurricane:
Hurricane underside showing the black port wing for ground recognition:

Monday, 13 February 2017

10mm Panzers

First part of the German contingent in the 1940 campaign.  All models are from Pendraken.

Part of a Panzer battalion, each model represents either a command vehicle or a platoon as appropriate:
Light Company,
Pz III company command, Pz II light platoon, 3x Pz 28(t) medium platoons:
Medium Company.
Pz IV company command, Pz II light platoon, 2x Pz IV medium platoons:

Pz IV 
Pz 28(t)

If I end up adding Brits to the mix, I'll complete the battalion with its HQ and second light company.