Monday, 15 August 2016

Maybe #3

The last of the samples.  AWI this time:

Warrior 28mm again, two Continentals and a militiaman.  This is not really a maybe as I already have a British force in 25/28mm opposed by Americans in 1/72. It would have cost a fortune to do them in the larger scale.  Now I'm settling for a smaller force of four battalions, two regiments and two guns; most of which will come from Warrior.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

1/72 Macedonian Phalangites #2

The second half now done.


The whole lot:

Not so much a phalanx as a Taxis or so I'm told, as six companies (lochoi?) made a taxis and six taxis(?) made a phalanx.

What will happen now of course is that I'll be forced to upgrade the rest of the army proportionally. Can't forget the Persians.