Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WW2 Russians

A mixed bag:
The usual supported infantry company using the units from Neil Thomas' 'One Hour Wargames'.  As I don't want to do European theatre Germans in 1/72, I've gone for late war against the Japanese if anyone at all.  It also gives me the chance with some substitutions, to get stuff for Khalkhyn Gol in 1939 for both sides.

The whole lot completed:

Rifle Company.
1/72 plastic figures from Italeri and Zvezda:
1st Platoon:
2nd Platoon:
76mm Zis 3 Anti-tank guns.
1/72 Zvezda:
Heavy Weapons, Zvezda 'Art of Tactic' 82mm mortars and M1910 Maxims from Italeri:

Zvezda 1/144 Sturmovik:
Armourfast T34/85;


  1. Hi George, that force looks great. Just wondering if you have made or are planning on making adaptations to the OHW Ww2 rules, as after playing them straight out of the book, artillery is a little overpowered and AT guns struggle in general. Do you modify ranges and install a morale system of some kind? Many thanks, Chris

    1. I tend to play it straight but avoid using actual artillery, too powerful for the size of forces I deploy, so stick to the A/T guns. The Russian Zis-3 is both, so we'll see what happens there (much like the German 88 now that I think about it).

      I use a rough and ready system for aircraft based on bits of 'Zvezda Art of Tactic'. The forces are based on contemporary organizations so don't always fit OHW. For example, my 8th army has two infantry platoons and a scout carrier platoon plus an MMG making up the four infantry. The carriers fight as infantry in cover and the MMG fights as straight infantry.

      Morale is basic using the hit count in OHW. Modified a bit as each unit has 18 hits, indicated by a one dice hit marker; 1-6 green, 7-12 yellow, 13-18 red. Each time the dice changes colour, the unit dices to stay in the fight or retreat a full move and rallies to some dgree in the next turn.

      Tempted to classify tanks and vary their effect but seems like too much trouble. So if a weak one knocks out a strong one it was a lucky shot.

      Thanks for your interest Chris.