Thursday, 4 May 2017

8th Army Completed

A pair of 1/72 Valentine Mk IIs from Armourfast, representing 40th  RTR, 23rd Independent Armoured Brigade.

Straight from the box, went together easily and cleanly.

The whole lot:

DAK's almost ready to go, just got two MMG teams to get, Carronade show should fix that.


  1. Very nice, is this for Rapid Fire or another set of rules? I do like the look of armour fast tanks but can't really lay my hands on them easily.

    1. Thanks Chris. The intention is to use 'One Hour Wargames' or OHW with adaptations to fit the troops. I had problems sourcing the Valentines as no-one had them in stock for a while. There is always Armourfast's own site which you can buy through.