Tuesday, 1 November 2016

28mm Napoleonic Italian Infantry

The final post in this little project.

Approximately painted as the I/5th Line, Kingdom of Italy; all figures are from Irregular:

I needed a method whereby I could temporarily detach the flank companies as skirmishers but still be able to form the battalion in line; so using bases the same size as the rest but placing the figures differently I more or less got what I wanted.

Infantry Brigade Commander

The infantry brigade can now be brought together:

Force command, French General of Division with Italian aide, figures are from Irregular:

The complete force:


  1. Nice work George, love the Italians!

  2. Thanks Ray, thought it would be a change from blue or in this case green uniforms.

  3. Nap' Italian, my first army (in 15mm)...always nice to see Italians, and you did a great job with them!

    1. Thanks Phil, I thought they would make a pleasant change. I like working on the the lesser- represented forces