Monday, 1 August 2016

Maybe #1

Some sample figures have been accumulating for the past few months - you know how it is, want to start new projects but can't quite make up your mind. Decided to start slapping paint on them in between glue, primer, etc drying on the real projects.

First up are some of George II's finest; War of the Austrian Succession, '45 rebellion, etc., the figures are all 25/28mm from Warrior and the muskets from Irregular:

Great prices.
Paint up well, look the part.

Supplied muskets are dreadful.
No grenadiers.
Trumpeters not drummers listed for the dragoons.  Some conversion may fix this and provide spare trumpets!
Dragoons' horses are skinny, spavined creatures but are probably not far from the truth.  Once painted not too bad.  Need to dock future tails.

All in all, this project seems a goer with four battalions or so, two regiments and a couple of guns and senior officers.  The opposition is already sorted by my WSS French and 1715 Jacobites.


  1. Excellent figures, I am a great fan of Warrior Miniature. Very much underrated figures, I agree the muskets let them down. However as you state replacing them improves them no end. I use either Redoubt, Crann Tara of Perry plastics. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Willz. I try to use Warrior as often as I can, they were the first outfit I bought figures from over 30 years ago!