Monday, 30 November 2015

10mm Bothwell Brig 1679

This is an action I’ve wanted to game for a while but is so limited in scope it wasn’t worth getting new armies to fight it.  Over time I’ve collected other armies which I can plunder for suitable troops.  All are 10mm Pendraken.
Leaving most historical aspects to one side and using copious quantities of artistic licence; the forces are now mustered:

Plundered a Glorious Revolution army  and a Scots Civil War one for foot regiments to act as militia among other things.Crown03
Plundered from the same sources but I had to paint up more civilians and a new command stand.Civs01Civs02Cov05

The point of all this is to game the thing solo, so what rules?  DBR; as I have it to hand and it has army lists for the right period. The lists are not a bad reflection of the combat potential of each side.  It wasn’t much of a battle as these things go and fought in a small space so don't really need much from the rules.

Game setup and AAR will appear in another post soon I hope.

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