Monday, 25 May 2015

1/72 Napoleonic Spanish Cavalry

Villaviciosa light cavalry, considerable artistic license and some conjecture involved.
These are the first part of a representation of the La Romana Division in 1808.  Hopefully in the end it will have:
  • Generals
  • four line battalions (first battalions of four regiments)
  • two light battalions
  • one light cavalry regiment
  • one heavy cavalry regiment
  • four foot artillery guns
As the infantry are taken care of straight out of the boxes, I'm starting with the cavalry as they of necessity are conversions.  With the lights done, next is the heavy regiment and I've got a set lined up for it involving the minimum of carving.  French artillery is substituting. All the figures are from HaT with the exception of the Generals.
This is going to spread out over some time…


  1. Nice unit George. Those Hat Dutch Belgian cavalry are pretty versatile aren't they. I too thought Spanish when I saw the figures with the braided dolmans!

  2. Cheers James, proof that great minds do think alike ;)

  3. lovely unit and figures..

    1. Thanks Phil, I'd have preferred them not to have been substitutes but necessity being what it is...

  4. Replies
    1. Many thanks for the comment. One down. lots to go.