Wednesday, 18 March 2015

28mm U.S. Army Mexican-American War #1

Colonel in command of the right wing at Palo Alto and U.S. 5th Regular Infantry.Col01Col025thInf015thInf03

Figures are Warrior.  Slight problem in that the standard bearer and drummer have been produced by grafting U.S. heads onto Mexican bodies, so both are in the wrong uniform!  Should be in U.S. fatigue dress same as the other ranks.  I have been unable to get definitive sources on either type so either both should be in fatigue dress or a poor second, U.S. full dress.  Standard bearers were I believe, NCOs.  The way they are, paint gives an impression of U.S. full dress as here but it isn’t really a good representation. At the end of the day one uses what one has.  The alternative is to scrap them and buy 1st Corps instead.

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