Monday, 12 January 2015

Large Scale Figures

Another Airfix 54mm kit, a French Line fusilier;
Rose Miniatures 54mm metal figures; French Chasseur a Cheval, Prussian Cuirassier of SYW and a Colour Sergeant 24th foot 1879.Rose01 (1)Rose02
I think these were from a Spanish maker (Labayen): Guard chasseur and a 5th hussar.Unkn01Unkn02Unkn03
No credit to me for these. Del Prado part-work ‘Napoleon at War’; Duke of Wellington British Royal Marine 1796 and a driver of the French guard artillery train.DP01DP02

Airfix 54mm plastic kits;

Rose Miniatures 54mm Metal figures;
Marlborough's Guards range:

Army of George II range:


  1. Splendid work, I must get those Rose Marlburians for my current project. I'm now finding 54mm figures far more fun to paint than smaller scales.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The big 'uns are certainly easier to see!

  3. Oh, to do Waterloo in this scale 1 to 1. You could lock me in a shed with these forever. Nice work. 54's were my first passion.

  4. 1:1 in 54mm, table size? 80x80 yards :)
    What I'm interested in trying is painting one of these again after a gap of 40 years, enamel and oils versus acrylic.

  5. As said somewhere else I find this a great collection! The Rose miniatures are my favorites!


  6. Beautiful minis, love the Prussian cuirassier!

  7. Thanks guys. What's surprising is the range the various makers covered (probably still do). Found two incomplete ones from Rose, surprisingly they are Landsknechts. No doubt the urge will come upon me to do something with them.