Tuesday, 14 October 2014

1/72 WW2 U.S. Marines #1

A new era for me.
Company sized (suitably scaled down) to give access to battalion assets.  I could have gone for a battalion I suppose but that’s bigger than I want to do.  They’ll have limited armour and air support represented. Three stages; rifle company, support unit then armour and air. So a long job, rifle platoons first so that gaming (hopefully) can get off to a quick start.
The organization is based on OOBs and tables of actual contemporary organizations, not from any published rule system.  What I’m after is the structure not the numbers.  Uniforms are on the ‘near enough is good enough’ principle; in fact that’s the approach on everything, no button or rivet counting.

Choice of scale is simple, it’s the cheapest plus there’s lots of good kit out there in the scale as well.

U.S. Army figures painted in a Marine scheme. A first rate set as it contains near enough all that’s needed for a company with HQ Section heavy weapons. 20mm metals from any of a number of makers are used to fill in any gaps.  BARs are split out to allow LMG fire under rules. Each platoon has a flamethrower as an individual platoon asset.Platoons
1st Platoo011st Platoon
2nd Platoon012nd Platoon022nd Platoon
3rd Platoon013rd Platoon
Colours01Rear view showing colour ID for each platoon, RWB/123 (makes gaming life easier) no colour designator for the company as I will only be doing one.BARBAR team (camera’s not quite up to ultra close-ups!).
Rules will be sorted out through play.  An old very simple set I stumbled across in my ‘library’ is what I’ll start with and stay with if it’s fun.
Sources include:


  1. Great looking unit, nice mix of minis

  2. Thanks Al. I was a bit concerned about using them but after looking at loads of contemporary photos,illustrations, etc. they seemed perfectly reasonable.