Saturday, 28 June 2014

1/72 RE-8

The final instalment of the WW1 project:
RE8_1RE8_2RE8_3RE8_4RE8_5Rigging this thing caused me concern for my patience and sanity, even though I was only doing about half the wires! The old Airfix ‘ ‘Arry Tate’ out of the box, apart from the upper wing pylons(?).  As usual, no attempt to create an exemplar model, merely a respectable representative in-theatre aircraft for gaming purposes.


  1. It has come up really well. Good luck gaming with it!

  2. This exact kit is on my "to-do-pile" as well, I haven't even dared consider building it what with my two left thumbs... That said I did manage to put the Halberstadt together (also a two-seater) and that worked perfectly...

    But if truth be told:I forego the stage of doing the cabling entirely; so great work on that!

  3. Man, that's a lot of wires! Well done!

  4. Thanks guys, comments appreciated as ever.

    Sander, my version doesn't bear close scrutiny from certain angles as all the alignments of the struts and wings are 'out'. So much so that I had make new inner struts for around the cockpit, as the kit ones were too short!

  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for too short struts now ;-)