Wednesday, 28 May 2014

1/72 Venetian Italian

The League of Cambrai project is FINALLY FINISHED
Figures are mix of 1/72 plastic and 20mm metal from Irregular and Tumbling Dice.
The Army.New Army01 New Army02
C-in-CNew CinC01
Pitigliano, cavalry command;New ElmCmnd02Elmeti; New Elm02New Elm03
Stradiots; Strad02Mounted crossbows.New MCB02New MCB01Infantry command with ‘la Caveja’;InfCmnd01InfCmnd02Arquebusiers; (20mm and plastic not difficult to spot)New Arq01
New Arq02New Arq03New Arq04Mercenary Foot Crossbowmen;New CB01New CB02Bartolomeo d'Alviano, last of the 25mm Dixon figures bought in error when doing the Swiss.  Use as a marker or something. Dix04Dix02
Rules: DBA-RRR


  1. Red Box always makes me nervous but these look very nice how you've painted them up. Did they require much clean up?

  2. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @ Sean: more than a HaT figure would need. I'm not too fussy in that area, I don't try to smooth out every mould line or remove every spec of flash, just get rid of the worst or where it causes a problem. My knife skills are not exactly surgeon-standard.

  3. Thanks Ray, bit of a surprise really :)