Thursday, 25 July 2013

1/72 Thirty Years War Swedish

1/72 plastics from Revell and A Call to Arms.
Army02The ‘Army'.
Another oldie re-vamped. Adjusted the foot basing, expanded the existing cavalry and added another regiment, stole a gun from the Catholics.  When the two armies met previously on the table the Swedes could make no headway due to the Catholics outgunning them by two to one.  The sides are a bit more even now but each still has it’s differences.

Hakkapeliitta; Finnish Cavalry Horse03Horse02Horse01
Dragoons. Drag01
Foot Regiments Foot02Foot01Foot03Commanded MusketeersComMusk01
Infantry BrigadeBrig02A better impression would have been given by two two-rank bases of pikes per regiment and a couple of small ‘leather’ guns each rather than the field pieces.  However, one must use what one has, eh what?
Artillery and Train.Art01ArtTr01ArtTr02BaggageBag01


  1. Great work. I like the big bases for the pikes.

  2. Thanks Nick; I got fed up breaking and bending pikes so built extensions!

  3. Great army and great post. As usual I really like how you present your army and the kits it comes from. Something I keep on meaning to emulate. The big bases for the pikes are good but I really like the way you based the dragoons. I've never seen that before and it is instantly recognizable.

  4. Again a beautifull army! I really love that wagon train!


  5. Thanks Gents. I can't really claim credit for the dragoons Sean, it's how it's done in DBR. Pretty neat though I must admit!