Saturday, 18 May 2019

Galleon Build

To continue, the masts were replaced with florists' wire.  This time they go through the deck into the keel, very solid and rigid.  The standing rigging is complete and a start made on the running rigging:

Major disaster folks:
Was getting along famously until I left tension on a line overnight, this is the result. It would seem that the masts are way too flimsy to take the rigging tension.  I'm now left with three choices:
1. Bin the thing - I'd rather not.
2. Replace the masts on this one with metal rod or stouter styrene rod and restart the rigging, the taper on the masts will be lost but a small price to pay.
3. Get another kit and start again - possibly if option 2 doesn't work.

It's string time!  Next job is to make up a rigging plan and get started.  Note to self - remember to fit oars!

A bit more progress, an impromptu hospital stay over the weekend hasn't helped.  Anyhoo, next is tidy the paint and start rigging.

Some progress.  Going to have to paint the whole thing before doing the rigging, etc.
Some rough painting to delineate bits.