Spartans v Pictsies

Just to be different, rather than creating a battlefield I decided to use one of the scenarios from Neil Thomas' 'One-Hour Wargames'.  The book fell open at Scenario 26 'Triple Line', only the terrain was taken from it and HOTT 2nd edit. rules used. Victory decided by the usual points system in HOTT.
3' x 3' board.

The armies:
Spartans 24 points, 12 elements of spears at 2 points each in 10 doubled elements and two singles of which one is the general.  Each double element automatically receives plus one for rear support but if front element is destroyed so is the rear one, suffering a loss of four points. Spartans defending, no Stronghold.

Pictsies; the whole army has a points value of 42, so elements were randomly selected for a points value of 25:

1x General - Warband aka MacSwik of that Ilk,
3x Beasts - Haggis bashers, with haggis herds,
3x Flyers - Heidbangers,
3x Knights - Muckle dugs (the Collie lancers),
1x Shooters - Arras,
1x Artillery - Crummock wheecher.

Spartan Aim - Hold the hill to the last man

Pictsie Strategy, take the hill. use flyers to clear the crossing. A right hook flanking attack coupled with fire suppression and a feigned frontal attack should see the job done.


Spartan deployment was part of the setup.

Turn 1
The Pictsie army arrives: (the general was moved up the queue in case he got left behind!)

Turn 2
Spartan unit at bridge withdraws and is attacked by two of the flyers, beats them off.

Rest of Pictsies move forward:

Turn 3
Spartans reform 1st line.
Pictsie flyers attack 1st line left and centre.  Lose first combat and recoil, lose second combat and flee.

Turn 4
Spartans reinforcing 1st line right.
Pictsies maneuvering.
Turns 5, 6, 7
Both sides maneuvering.

Turn 8.
Spartans hold position.
Pictsies shift Arras and Crummock wheecher to left and Haggis Bashers to right.
Situation at this point. 
Pictsies developing right flank hook and moving shooters and artillery to left with flyer support. Collie lancers awaited in centre to support general.

Do the Spartans attack?

Turn 9-11.
Spartans decide to attack before they get overwhelmed. Arras destroyed in combat.
Pictsies attack and lose all the fights and suffer recoils.
Spartans lead 2-0.
Turn 12.
Spartans continue attacks and win recoils.
Pictsies lose a Haggis Basher to a risky attack (buttocks of death!)
Spartans 4-0.

Turns 13-14
Spartans continue attacks and destroy another Haggis Basher and the Crummock Wheecher.
Pictsies getting massacred.
Spartans 9-0.
Turns 15-16
Spartan 2nd line moves forward and army concentrates to cross river.
Pictsies withdraw back across the river
Spartans 9-0.

Turn 17
Spartans advance.
Collie lancers attack and destroy Spartan element.
Spartans 9-4.
Turns 18-19
Spartans retreat to defensive position after losing another element to the Lancers.
Pictsies continue harrassing tactics with fliers and remaining Haggis Basher.

It became apparent at this point that as long as the Spartans kept three in line covering the bridge it was unlikely that a single Lancer could break through.  To have a chance, the two end overlap elements would have to be got out of the way.

Spartans 9-8

Turn 20-23
Pictsies attack flanks with fliers and Haggis Basher, forcing them to turn and face after the movement phase, resulting in the loss of support to the central element.  Two more attacks resulted in the Lancers destroying the Spartans first.  Pictsies win 9-12.


Next time, Pictsies defend against Chaos Soul Hunters.

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