Skaven v Spartans

Bit of an odd-ball.  The Spartans were the only 28mm DBA army I had, with an opponent unlikely to be recruited, so they were assigned to HOTT.

Set-up and deployment.  36" x 36" board, terrain diced for at random.
Skaven:  24AP
Throt the Unclean 1xBlade General
Ratangian guard 1xBlades
Warp fire thrower 1xArtillery
Jezzails 2xShooters
Rat Ogres 2xBeasts
Gutter runners 1xWarband
Lord Skrolk 1xHero
Clan rats 4xHordes.

Plan is to defend Stronghold, keep possession of marsh held by beasts and warband with shooters in support, feints and attacks by hero and hordes.

Spartans: 24AP, 12xSpears ten of which are double-ranked on the base. Plan is to kill 12AP on Skaven right or die a beautiful death!

Turn 1:
Skaven: NTR
Spartans: advance line.

Turn 2:
Skaven: advance right to form line, group general and blades at Stronghold.
Spartans: advance line.

Turn 3:

Skaven: firm up line, Stronghold defenders start to cross river or be left out of the fight.
Spartans: advance line.

Turn 4:

Skaven: NTR
Spartans: continue advance but stay out of range of Skaven shooters.

Turn 5:

Skaven: Jezzails fire on Spartans, miss.
Spartans: continue advance.

Skaven: left now over the river, artillery not quite in range.
Spartans: move to contact on left and in centre. General's group swings back to stay out of artillery range and face what's likely to be an attack from the Skaven general.

Spartans: lose the combat on the left and recoil. Win combat in centre and force a recoil on shooters.

Turn 6: Both sides maneuvering and ineffectual combat.
Turn 7: Both sides maneuvering, Skaven lose a horde 0-1.
Turn 8: Both sides maneuvering.
Turn 9: Both sides maneuvering, Skaven lose warband 0-3.  Opens the door to Spartan attacks in the marsh as the quick kill element has gone.
Turn 10: Both sides maneuvering, Skaven lose a horde 0-4.
Turn 11: Both sides maneuvering, Skaven lose a shooter 0-6.
Turn 12: Both sides maneuvering, Skaven lose a horde 0-7.
Turn 13: Skaven begin general withdrawal back to Stronghold, Spartans advance.

Skaven lose a shooter 0-9. Spartans lose a spear element. 4-9.

Turn 14 to Turn 18: Both sides maneuvering,

Turn 19: Spartans attack and destroy Skaven Artillery in the river; 4-12 SPARTANS WIN.


Quit a dull game, close combats pretty evenly matched, dice luck ruled. The double-based spears (General is a single element with another single as support) are a gamble, a warband quick kill costs 4AP, three of those and the game is lost. They give each base however a +5 in close combat. Shame it ended when it did as the fight around the Skaven stronghold could have been a bit of slugfest.

Spartans defend next time against the Pictsies.