HOTT Undead v Dwarfs

First chapter in an on-going saga.

Ended up quite a long drawn-out affair, so a long story short...

Overview of the table, Undead on the left, defending:

Undead deployment:

Dwarf deployment:

In eager anticipation of a '6' to get the dragon involved.

The Undead try for an early kill, Giant Bat aerials v Dwarf General:

A Dwarf too far, easily seen off (all the way off the table for one of 'em).:

The battle lines get established and the Dwarf dragon gets in play with poor results, allowing an Undead attack to slip past though not before the Undead take a pasting from the Dwarf artillery.  The Undead general is moving forward in support (not a wise move):
As he gets nailed, game over, the final positions being:

Undead losses; 2 riders, a flyer, magician general and two knights.

Dwarf losses: one shooter.

A rather one-sided affair, the dragon and firepower doing the major damage.

Dwarfs go on to defend in the next round.


  1. Do like me some Skellie action!

    1. Yeah, a bit disappointed in them getting creamed first time out, oh well.

    2. I hear that! I spent much time over my Sarmatians, I'm quite chuffed with how they turned out...I don't think they've won a game yet!

    3. They sure are a good looking bunch. Maybe that's the problem. Who was it who said 'Very pretty but can they fight?' What we need are scruffy, weathered armies with a lived-in look.