Chaos v Eldar

Chaos line-up same as last time and defending:
  • The four horsemen (2x Knights 4AP). Death (General), Famine, Pestilence and War.
  • Beast of Nurgle (1x Behemoth 4AP).
  • Kotongi Demons (2x Fliers 4AP)
  • Warhounds (5x Beasts 10AP)
  • Hellhounds (2x Beasts 4AP)
26 points.

Eldar Line-up drawn at random and attacking:
  • Farseer (1x Magician General 4AP)
  • Swooping Hawks (3x Fliers 6AP)
  • Warp Spider Exarch (1x Lurker 1AP)
  • War Walkers (2x Riders 4 AP)
  • Avatar (1x Hero 4AP)
  • Dark Reapers (1x Artillery 3 AP)
  • Guardians (2x Shooters 4 AP)
26 points.



Table 4 ft by 3 ft. 

Chaos were lucky in that they drew the table edge which best suits their element types. The river is impassable but can be crossed at the marsh by the left wing group, so a flank attack through here is a possibility. The Chaos fliers are outnumbered three to two, so may not provide much disruption to the Eldar's plans. Hold the line and see what happens.

At first glance this should be a walkover for the Eldar.  The Farseer has no magical opposition so in combination with the Avatar can deliver nine hit points on any Chaos element.  Attaining air supremacy should be possible. The Guardians and Dark Reapers should be able to defend against the Chaos fliers. So the immediate tactical aim is to knock out the Chaos fliers with the overall strategic aim of killing the Chaos General.

As usual, PIPs for movement not in use but in use for Eldar Farseer and Lurker.

Chaos has first move.

Turn 1
Chaos move left and centre forward, form left into line and move the Demons to align with the left wing group to help with the inevitable Eldar attack..
Eldar attack Chaos Demons with Swooping Hawks. Move Centre and left forward.  
First attack on the flank a draw, second attack a loss with recoil.

Turn 2
Chaos Demon attacks Eldar Hawk's flank who turns to face.  Left continues forward, Warhounds move forward in centre into Eldar shooter range. 
Warhounds lose one and recoil, win the other and force shooter recoil. Left reforms line and withdraws General.  First flier combat a draw, second combat Demon destroys Eldar Hawk; Chaos 2:0 Eldar.
Eldar Hawks attack Demon, doubled, Hawk one destroyed, one recoils. Chaos 4:0 Eldar. First shooter misses, Reapers force a recoil on Warhounds, second shooter destroys Warhounds Chaos 4:2 Eldar
Farseeker's spell misses Chaos Knight.

Turn 3
Chaos Demons attack remaining Hawk; Warhounds in centre withdraw.  Right wing attacks, Left wing advances for a flank attack through the marsh, 
Remaining Eldar Swooping Hawk is destroyed; Chaos 6:2 Eldar.  Eldar Farseer wins a recoil on the flanking Hellhound, Knight loses and recoils, Hellhound is destroyed by the Eldar War Walkers. Chaos 6:4 Eldar.

Eldar Farseer attempts to bespell Chaos General and fails.
Hero and Walker attack Knight while other Walker moves forward.  Attack destroys Knight  Chaos 6:6 Eldar.
Artillery fires on Warhound and gets a recoil.

Turn 4
The situation at beginning of the turn:
Chaos General in peril, even if he goes, not an immediate loss of the game as the scores are even. Hounds and Demon flyers will all have to come across to aid their General.  Hounds and Behemoth will continue over marsh but may be held up by the Eldar Lurker.  Eldar shooters and artillery will likely move across to the left to aid their own attack.

Chaos, continues to advance left. Reforms line with General.  Hellhound attacks Eldar Hero who turns to face and Hellhound is destroyed Chaos 6:8 Eldar.

Eldar Farseer attempts to bespell Warhound and fails. Lurker deployed against Hellhound, loses and flees. Eldar reforms line on left. Shooters and Artillery advance and shooters fire on Warhound which recoils.

Turn 5
Chaos continues the left advance. Warhound attacks Guardian, loses and recoils.  Line stays put with bad going and uphill advantages.  Eldar Farseer attempts to bespell, Warhound recoils.  Eldar Avengers fire at Warhound, it recoils.

Eldar Farseer attacks Chaos flyer and forces it to flee. Left moves to attack Chaos line. Avengers fire at Warhound and miss, Guardians fire at same and force it to recoil back into the one behind, destroyed Chaos 6:10 Eldar. Attack on Chaos General fails, Eldar Avatar recoils, pursued by the Chaos General.

Turn 6
Chaos continues to advance through the marsh.  Demon flyer rallies. Demon flyer and Warhound attack Eldar Farseer.  General breaks contact.
Farseer General destroyed in the attack  Chaos 10:10 Eldar.

Eldar rolled insufficient PIPs to deploy the Lurker, count it as lost Chaos 11:10 Eldar. Shooter group advances. Shooter fires at Demon flyer and misses. Hero and Rider attack Chaos General. Rider attacks Warhound.
Rider is destroyed in combat Chaos 13:10 Eldar; giving a clear win for Chaos.


Bit of a scrappy affair, the dice were on the side of Chaos all the way.  Absolutely fatal decision by the Eldar (OK by me - solo game after all) not to attack the Chaos General first.  Deploying the elements on the other side of the river was a mistake for Chaos from the beginning as they didn't get into the fight.  Should have posted the fliers at the Stronghold instead.

Chaos go forward to fight again, next time attacking against Tyranids.

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