Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Anatra Anasal Build

This is going to be a long job, so thought I'd 'journal' it.

Completed the intial sub-assemblies and splashed some paint around to get a feel for it, all in all looking a bit more straightforward than I imagined but looks like progress will be paint a bit, fit a bit, repeat.  I just need to take my time.

 The engine cooling system was a tricky bit as the 'plumbing' didn't seem to be a great fit.  I'll paint what's done so far as once more bits are added, access could be a problem.  A lot of handling still required so full Klear treatment needed.  The magnetic flight stand will come in handy. A fair bit of work still to go.

Beginning to look more like an aircraft, wing struts next and a likely struggle with the wing geometry.

As it turned out the decals were perfectly fine.  The decals will get another coat of Klear, then onto the rigging.  I'll leave the undercarriage and propeller 'til last as I've a habit of breakinf these items if I have to work around them.

Build complete, just got the paintwork to tidy up and give it a coat of varnish.

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