Sunday, 1 April 2018


Last month:
  1. The Spanish pikemen got done.
  2. SYW Saxons/French got done despite being interrupted by house guests, DIY and other inconsequencies.  
April tasks are:
  • Get the 1/72 plastic Indians under way
  • Prep the remaining 15mm SYW cavalry regiment and grenadiers, so that project is nearing a close at last.
  • Prep the final 1/72 plastic Neapolitan Spanish infantry.
Added another kit to the pile:
Looks like I'm gathering a stable of WW2 aircraft.

Sourced the figures, minus 3 generals, for an upcoming 28mm AWI American project, going to be a long one.  In between times I'll do some tidying up on the old Brits.

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