Friday, 9 March 2018


Things which may or may not get done this month.

1/72 Spanish pikemen for the continuing expansion of the Neapolitan Spanish army.  Would like to do some more infantry but undecided on how many elements.
15mm SYW Saxons; a couple items missed when the army was first put together, Rochow Fusiliers and command element for Noailles cavalry regiment. Still leaves another cavalry regiment and some grenadiers.

If by some freak of chance these get finished, I'll likely start prepping more ancients in the form of Republican Indian.


  1. Those redbox pike look better than they do at PSR...very tempting.

    1. They have more detail than you would think at first glance but have issues with mould quality. Not as good as Revell or Caesar. I've started so I'll finish :)