Thursday, 17 August 2017

Odds and Ends

While glacially moving through the W3K cavalry (falling down a flight of stairs and immobilising myself for a week didn't help!), messed about doing these:

Some hex terrain pieces; realized that I didn't have any useable so if a game is ever going to get put together I better do something about it mostly on 100mm hexes from Warbases:

For 40mm bases:

Tree-lined road and a bridge which was too narrow for my 40mm bases so had to do some surgery and reconstruction on it.


Manor house (do for any period post middle ages I reckon)

Any scale under 25mm;

Impassable terrain; a knoll or hillock; forest bases. Decided to put the trees on smaller hexes so they could be grouped together in any arrangement or placed around singly) solo tree is to turn passable base into impassable..
I came across some unused dwarfs so did the business on them to add them to my HOTT army.

 6 old GW and 3 figures from Mantic.


  1. Very nice. The dwarves are painted super nice.

    1. Thanks Jay, the scenery is a bit of a new departure; need to get my eye in a bit more. Gotta love dwarfs.