Tuesday, 16 May 2017

HOTT Space Marines

What we have here are 2nd Edition Games Workshop Dark Angels Space Marines. Mostly painted by my son some 15 years ago. They made a brief foray onto a gaming table and were then consigned to a cupboard - it was ever thus.

After completing three 40K armies for HOTT I persuaded myself that I needed a fourth to even things up, so these guys came to mind.

Basing was the first issue, I didn't want to remove them all from their original GW bases and stick them on multiple bases as previously with the others.  Using movement trays came to mind and Warbases had the exact thing I was after, albeit having a larger frontage than the 60mm convention already used.  Not adhering to the basing requirements of the HOTT rules doesn't bother me in the slightest as I'm a solo gamer, so don't care.

Some may not agree with how I've designated them within HOTT but this is how I saw it. Each base, single or multiple fights to its designation as for other HOTT armies. The army comprises:

Company Commander and Standard Bearer - Hero General, 4 pts.

Tech Marine, Blade 2pts; Chaplain, Cleric, 3 pts; Apothecary, Magician 4pts; Librarian Paladin, 4 pts.

Scout Squad - 2 bases Warband, 4 pts; one Vindicare, Sneaker 3 pts or Lurker 1pt.

Assault Squad - three flyers, 6 pts.

Three Tactical Squads, each comprising:
  • Sergeant and special weapon - Blade 2 pts.
  • Heavy Weapon - Artillery, 3pts.
  • Two fire team bases - Shooters - 4 pts.
9 points per squad, giving 27 in total.

The whole army total comes to 57 points, so plenty to play around with and gives variations in composition for different scenarios.

The whole lot looks like:


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