Friday, 19 May 2017

Changing Directions

Paid a visit to the Carronade show last weekend and bought a box of Kallistra hex boards.  Got the desert transition ones as half my troops are for arid regions, the other half for temperate. Going over to hex-based gaming is something I've been pondering on for some time.  My interest has mainly been inspired by the 'Command and Colours' series of boardgames, Ancients and Napoleonics.

The upshot is that I've decided to convert movement and shooting ranges in my most used rules (HOTT, DBA, DBR and One Hour Wargames) to hexes, so no more measuring.  At the same time, dice are out in favour of dominoes.  The idea is to use the C & C cards system beside the mentioned rules.  I'm a solo player so anything is possible.  An opportunity also to sort out my DBA ancients as they've become a bit mixed up over the years, a guy with a pointy stick is pretty much like some other guy with a pointy stick.

Ancients first.  What I needed was a pretty straightforward fight between two fairly evenly matched opponents.  The Command & Colours website provided this one, Syracusans v Athenians.  Just right as I have both armies for DBA.  Twelve element armies to start.

Translating the map onto my Kallistra boards gave,
A four by five arrangement using twenty boards, the one left over being the high ground bottom left. The DBA armies fitted the scenario well except for the troops circled red on the original map; so the Syracusans got a couple of artillery pieces to compensate.
Just got the cards to deal out then battle can begin.  

Not doing an AAR, game went very smoothly, no hiccups and a 5-1 win for Athens.  Going to re-configure hex boards to match Command and Colors board for the next fight, see how that works.

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