Wednesday, 10 May 2017

1/72 Alexander's Cavalry

Expansion of existing forces, unused figures from the first go-round years ago for DBA.  Came about mainly because I had the spare figures lying around and I wanted this and some other existing DBA armies to appear more imposing on the table-top.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not knocking DBA, I owe it and 1/72 plastics a debt for getting me back into the hobby after a very long lay-off.  Still happy to use smaller forces for Dark Ages and medieval.  Having boosted the Macedonian phalanx earlier from 24 figures (6x4Pk) to 6x16Pk, had to do something with the rest.

Companions & Prodromoi:


Greek Allied & Thracians;

Majority of horses and riders are from Hat with some Zvezda mixed in.

The complete cavalry force now looks like:


  1. Nice paint job on these George.
    Those Hat cavalry can look a bit 'wooden' in the raw, but they look super when painted.

    1. Thanks James. Yeah I agree, not the most dynamic plastics around, improve being in a crowd.