Thursday, 16 March 2017

More Goings On

Things are getting out of hand again, flitting from item to item but not completing any of the projects.

Played another solo HOTT game, that took about a week doing all the bits for the report as well as pushing the figures about; report's top of the AAR column.

Another delay in the 8th Army project as it took a while to get the tanks I wanted, sorted that and got more stuff to complete the Motor Company.  Just the anti-tank guns to get now but I'll press on with it regardless.

To pass the time, began a HOTT Trojan War project using up 1/72 plastics I got years ago, a start made on the Mycenaeans.  Must finish them before starting something else.  Goodness only knows when the Trojans will turn up.

Got more bits and pieces for the Afrika Korps, only short Company Command and MMGs to complete the shelf collection.

Must order bases for the HOTT Space Marines, tie a knot in something to remind me.


  1. Plenty to be getting on with there then!

  2. Yup, nose to the old grindstone, people actually do this for pleasure.