Tuesday, 28 March 2017

1/72 Achaeans

These have been on the shelf for years; started with a box of the Caesar Mycenaeans which got put to one side as Caesar announced they were producing chariots as well.  Some years later the chariots had not appeared but Newline Designs announced the release of theirs, naturally I got some - yup a couple of weeks later Caesar released theirs! They all got put to the side again, by this time I'd got the Trojans as well.  Some time passed and I read an article in one of the hobby magazines about a Trojan War game using Hordes of the Things (HOTT) rules with the addition of Divine Intervention. Inspired again I did nothing about it until a recent lull in normal proceedings when I decided to get half of the forces done.  The Newlines are especially good as they wear the boar's' tusk helmets so typical of the era.

The whole army:
Agamemnon King of Mycenae (Knight General  2AP)
Nestor King of Pylos: (Knight 2AP
Menelaus King of Sparta: (Knight 2AP)
Achilles, greatest of the Greek warriors and leader of the Myrmidons: (Hero 4AP)
Mycenaeans: (2 Spears 2x2 AP, 2 Warband 2x2 AP; 8AP)
Spartans: (Spears 2 AP)
Myrmidons: 2x Shooters 2x2 AP; 4 AP)

A total of 24 points for the army.

No idea when the Trojans will get done but in the meantime I've got a Hittite DBA army that I can field against these guys if I get the notion.


  1. Great looking army George, impressive chariots!

    1. Thanks Phil, the Newlines are pretty good. Don't know what the Caesar ones are like, haven't seen much of them.

  2. Bravo beautiful army, really nice and beautiful painting

    1. Many thanks. Bravo on your own collection.