Thursday, 23 February 2017

HOTT Eldar Revised

Picked up another couple of figures to expand the existing force.  I'm not saying it's finished just a long pause until I get fed up doing the same things again.  At the same time I've dumped all the previous posts and taken new photos of everything to bring it all together in one place.

What's lost through translating 40K figures into HOTT are all the unique characteristics of each type which creates the diversity of an army like the Eldar. Modifying the HOTT troop types for some of them might be the answer while maintaining HOTT's straightforwardness; probably play around with this.

So, Eldar are a space-faring race heavily imbued with mystical properties. The following is a much simplified description which has got absolutely nothing to do with HOTT:

First there's the Craftworld (tribe, clan, civilisation, whatever), this lot are from Craftworld Alaitoc.  I chose that one because of the comparatively simple paint job and the snazzy blue and yellow combination.  The Craftworld provides the heavy stuff and the basic grunts which make up an Eldar force.

Next there are what are called Aspect Warriors, basically mercenaries not belonging to any particular Craftworld who provide specialist-type units to anyone willing to pay them.

The odd-man-out in all this is the Avatar who is basically a physical manifestation of an Eldar god so can show up to fight for any of the Craftworlds.

I've classified the troops in HOTT terms as I see it, others may disagree.

Hero in HOTT terms; could be a god but Heroes are more user-friendly 4 Army Points (AP).

Craftworld Alaitoc 
Magician General 4 AP.

Shooters six elements @ 2 AP = 12 AP.

Wraith Lords
Knights, 2x2 AP = 4 AP.  These guys really need a different classification.  I was thinking a combination of Knights plus Artillery costing 4 AP per element. Cuirassiers perhaps?

War Walkers
Riders, 2x2 AP = 4 AP.  Another needing a different classification.  I was thinking a combination of Riders plus Shooters costing 3 AP per element. Dragoons perhaps?

Aspect Warriors
Swooping Hawks
Fliers, 3x2 AP = 6 AP.

Dark Reapers
Artillery, 3 AP.

Howling Banshees
Blades, 2x2 AP = 4 AP.

Warp Spider
Lurker, 1 AP.

The whole lot together:
41 AP, so plenty to choose from to make up a 24 point standard HOTT army.


  1. Excellent posts George, those Eldar are stunning. Thanks for sharing.
    William Harley

    1. Much obliged William, a pleasant diversion.