Saturday, 28 January 2017

Goings On

Since I haven't posted anything for a wee while, thought I'd put in an update.

Fits and starts:

The 8th Army project got under way again by getting most of the motor company done but still awaiting bases (run out, need to order - mental note).

Added a couple of kits to the stash for a Deutsche Afrika Korps project to go with the Brits and Italians:

Since falling heir to some Space Marines, I've gotten the notion to use them in a HOTT army, so obtained an Assault Squad to use as fliers for variety.  At the same time I decided to expand my Eldar army by adding Swooping Hawks as fliers. Usually both are depicted grounded, so rather than that I've gone for flight stands to make the flier point obvious, here they are primed and ready to go:

Received some 10mm panzers I ordered a few weeks back, these for the continuing 1940 project:

While I was waiting on the tanks got the Swooping Hawks done, except for base completion:

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