Friday, 25 November 2016

10mm WW2 French Tanks

The start of a project representing a French Light Mechanized Division (DML) in 1940.  I found a great site which had done most of the organizational research for me:

This formation makes a change from the figure-strong projects as it can incorporate a lot of vehicles. Ever found that, too many figures in the queue you really don't want to paint?  I chose 10mm scale with a view to getting enough vehicles to satisfy my aesthetic needs without piling up kits or breaking the bank. The Pendraken, Pithead and Minifigs (12mm rather than 10mm) lists showed everything I was after.  As a result this is probably the simplest project to start in a long while.

Chose to go for elements of the Combat Tank Regiment first with a squadron of each type using one model to represent a platoon.  The models are Pendraken with their codes in parenthesis.

SOMUA S-35 (FRE 1) squadron:

In case anyone's wondering SOMUA is an acronym for Société d'outillage mécanique et d'usinage d'artillerie, the outfit who made them.

Hotchkiss H-35 (FRE 2) squadron with one H-39 (FRE 3):

Anyway, it's off the ground.  Must stop taking close-ups, all the mistakes are showing.  For a light formation the DML seems well capable of looking after itself against the Third Reich.  What's your experience of gaming 1940?


  1. Very nice tanks and soldiers George, cheers for posting.

    Will Harley

    1. Many thanks, enjoying 10mm again even though these are the first tanks I've done.

  2. Looking good. Nice treatment of a sadly neglected period. Your detail for 10mm is incredible!

    1. Cheers. Agreed, early war is very much an also ran especially the French and Poles. The detailing is mainly down to Pendraken's moulding. Should've lined the Hothckiss suspension units, they've disappeared in the camera flash