Friday, 14 October 2016

SYW Saxon Infantry

This post completes the project.

C-in-C and Staff, Division Command, Artillery, Infantry Brigade.

Musketeer Battalions:
Prinz Gotha,
Graf Brühl,
Prinz Anton (aka Minckwitz),

The complete army, based on the Saxon deployment at Minden in 1759:

Left (of picture); French Cavalry Brigade (part of Royal Etranger).
Centre to Right; Saxon Infantry Brigade (2nd Brigade of the Saxon Division).
Front; Saxon Artillery Battery.

Short-changed them a bit, really needs an additional infantry battalion, detached grenadier companies, a fourth cavalry regiment and the command element for de Noailles.


  1. Fine looking Saxons, most impressive!

  2. Thanks, must admit to being pleased with them myself :)