Wednesday, 27 July 2016

III/2nd Italian Légère Regiment

The project continues with:

III/2nd Italian Légère Regiment:

HaT Light Infantry figures again, their appearance is somewhat conjectural as sources I've found are conflicting.  The last of the HaTs as they don't do line infantry or cavalry in this scale, shame.

French Artillery:

HaT figure.

This gun is all Hinchliffe from the last century (I love saying that!).

No idea the origins of these (update - they are Prinz August), same vintage as the other one I would guess. Both lots got 2nd hand from Hind's, stripped and re-painted.


  1. Great painting! You know? The last picture could be showing figures cast using Prince August moulds. Are they nearer 25mm?

  2. Thanks Sander. The last lot are nearer 25mm as you suggest, no marks under bases and the detail is very shallow, no applique.

  3. I have the Prince August moulds and I am guessing these are the ones:

  4. Yup they are:

  5. Looks like the gun is as well. I've been aware of PA moulds for years but this is the first time I've run across anything by them.