Sunday, 27 September 2015

1/72 Napoleonic Spanish #2

Continuing on our way, we meander slowly towards an eventual conclusion…
This time it's the First Battalion Line Regiment ‘Asturias’:
My sources tell me that a typical Spanish regiment was made up of three battalions, the first having two companies of fusiliers and two of grenadiers, while the other two just had four companies of fusiliers each. 
One Coronela, or King's Colour was carried by the first battalion.
Hat figures, 15 on a 60mm x 60mm base.


  1. Wow! Very nice work, especially the detail on the grenadiers' bearskin bags.

  2. Thanks very much, Spanish grenadiers are one of 'those' figures which you want to avoid - like Landsknechts. However when it comes down to it, not as bad as it seemed.

  3. Absolutely first class job. They would certainly grace any table.

    1. Very kind, I need to get a move on and get the rest done!