Sunday, 2 November 2014

28mm DBA III/34 Andalusian

Playing a bit fast and loose with the descriptor ‘DBA’ here,  of no consequence to me as I only game ‘in house’.  v2.2 (wot I use) army list gives:
b) 766 - 1172 AD: 1x3Cv (Gen), 1x3Cv, 2x2LH, 2x4Sp, 6x2Ps.
Which is fair enough but has no missile troops.  So I went to DBM 2nd edition army lists, applied DBR condensed thing and got: Lot011x3Cv (Gen), 1x3Cv, 2x2LH, 2x4Sp, 1x4Bw, 1x4Bw(Cb), 4x2Ps with 1x2Cv left over.
Gen Cv01Gen Cv02General and Heavy Cavalry (1x3Cv + 1x2Cv);
Lh01LH02Light Cavalry (2x2LH);
Sp01Sp02Heavy Infantry (2x4Sp);
Arch01Arch02Bows (1x4Bw  and 1x4Cb);
Ps01Ps02Light Infantry (4x2Ps).

Scaling is a bit odd, the cavalry being noticeably bigger than the infantry.  However I like these figures and am pleased with how they turned out; looking forward to doing the others. It’s a shame the El Cid range was never completed in 28mm.
I didn’t buy complete boxes, ordered the exact number of sprues I needed direct from HaT themselves (amazing service BTW). The same for another couple of DBAs. This was done rather than have lots of left over figures I would likely never use.  Economically all round it worked out less than the complete boxes.


  1. gosh...I love this 28mm scale army....lovely painted figures and great job on the bases... Awesome!

  2. Are you using the 15mm standard for base width? (these don't look 60mm wide).

    I didn't realize you could order by the sprue!

  3. @ Phil. Thanks a lot. I've been wanting to use these figures for ages, finally got around to it.

    @ Andrew. Nope, 60mm wide; remember these are 28mm figures so they kind of distort the perspective. The cavalry had to go on 60x60 bases due to the horse poses. The sprue thing came up on the HaT forum some months ago so I decided to try it. Simply a case of identifying which sets the sprues come from and the number wanted of each. Paid by PayPal. Took under a week from Seattle to Aberdeen Scotland, didn't need to pay customs either (something to do with plastic perhaps?)

  4. Ah-ha! I glanced over the "28mm" in your title and assumed these were the 1/72. (I just bought the same models in 1/72 this month.)