Saturday, 8 November 2014

1/72 WW2 U.S. Marines #3

CP WeapnsWeapons Company, well part of one anyway.  1/72 plastics with a couple of metals filling gaps. Didn’t bother with the MG platoon, got plenty of them already, so:
WpsCom02Company Commander81s0181s0281 mm Mortar Platoon (Italeri);
AAAT01Ant-Aircraft and Anti-Tank Platoon.37s0137s0237mm Anti-Tank guns;50cal0150cal02.50 cal Anti-Aircraft HMGs
This finishes the personnel side of the project, still got the machines to go.
The Mars set has four of each weapon, two of each was enough for my purposes.


  1. Chap behind the company commander looks like the Duke... :o)

  2. Probably go the same way as well the way I roll dice :(

  3. I really like these. I've painted the same troops for the ETO. You've inspired me to think Pacific. Well done that man.

  4. Too kind. The reason I went for Marines was that the ETO gets all the attention in the hobby with Far East and Pacific also rans. A secondary consideration was the enemy; the Japanese open the way to fascinating operations in China and Manchuria 1939 and 1945 against the Soviet Union. Both sides' infantry organization didn't change that much at both ends but gives a lot of variation in armour and aircraft. To avoid having to paint two lots of Japanese, mine will be in temperate uniform rather than tropical.