Thursday, 16 October 2014

1/72 WW2 U.S. Marines #2

Company HQ and the HQ Section support weapons completes the rifle company:
Coy HQ02Coy HQCompany HQ
60mrtrBazooks60mm mortars and bazooka teams.
LMG02LMG section.
MMGMMG section.
Mortars and command figures from the Mars set. Some of the Mars figures are a bit dubious; it would appear that some British paras have been re-assigned. Once painted, etc. they blend in with the rest so no real worries.


  1. Well done. You have captured the flavour of a battalion. It's a very nice mix of figures some familiar and some not so. A striking paint job done to a high standard.

  2. Thanks very much. A new venture but could get serious about it.