Friday, 25 July 2014

1/72 Napoleonic Austrian Line Infantry

First and second Battalions of the 58th Line ‘Beaulieu’.
I II 58 2
Mostly HaT plastics with some command figures in 20mm metal from Newline Designs.


  1. Your basing makes these figures come up really well. I've just based a whole lot of Hat Dutch Jagers as singles to give me flexibility across three rule sets, but I like how you have your groups of six. Saves a lot of pain.

  2. Nice work on these, crisp painting.


  3. Cheers guys, thanks for the comments.

    @Sun of York, simple basing is what I prefer (lazy really). 18 figure battalions are my house norm these days, irrespective of scale or period. 10mm stuff might get a few more, depends if I can be bothered painting them.