Friday, 3 January 2014

1/72 DBA Extras

To keep myself amused over the late festive season (Happy New Year BTW) I decided to have a review of my DBA armies looking for shortfalls and deficiencies, these four elements are the result.  At the same time had a trawl through the unused and spare plastic pile.  This resulted in half a Parthian army (one half already done and scattered across various other armies), a Greek hoplite army, a Thracian army as well as a couple for the Trojan wars.
IndianClassical Indian (HaT);PersianAchaemenid Persian (Zvezda, HaT).
Roman01Republican Roman (Caesar).

So I’ll be chewing my way through them over the year; also means delaying spending money on some other projects! Smile


  1. They look good..especially the romans

  2. Thanks guys, makes a difference when painting so few in number and no horses!

  3. Nicely done, great colors...

  4. Thanks Phil, fortunately I still had the paint I used on the originals some years ago!