Sunday, 7 April 2013

10mm Flodden Scots

A couple of flag updates following spring cleaning.Army01The 10mm army deployed; Pendraken.Left06The left; Home (survived), Huntly (KIA) with Highlanders.Left Centre;                                                          LeftCtre09  Crawford (KIA), Errol (KIA) with the banner of St. Andrew, Montrose (KIA). Centre04Centre, the King’s division; Morton (KIA), King James IV (KIA), Cassillis (KIA) with the banner of St. Margaret.003The right; Argyll (KIA), Lennox (KIA), Caithness (KIA) with the Orkney levies.Rsve08The reserve under Bothwell (KIA).Arty07The artillery under Master Gunner Borthwick (KIA).009Camp and baggage.


  1. Cheers Ray. I really should get on with new stuff instead of tinkering with the old!

    At your rate of production this is obviously something you are not afflicted with:)

  2. visiting Flodden this summer, inspirational stuff will obtain some Pendraken mini's

  3. Cheers Fraxinus. Certainly worth a visit, been a while since I was there myself. Archaeologists have found the Scots gun positions on the hill top, the guns being too heavy to move were pretty much useless on the day.