Friday, 1 October 2010

25mm HYW English

Another long term project finished at last and the end of my medieval period.
Majority of figures are Minifigs with a few from Warrior/Crusade. DBA IV/62 with a couple of options and an extra.  Based on accounts of the battle of Bauge in 1421.
The army arrayed.Clar01
1x3Kn//1x4Bd (Gen), the Duke of Clarence (KIA) on an Essex horse, big beast so base is 60x60. 2xBd03
2x4Bd alternative used, Lord Roos (KIA) and Gilbert d’Umfraville (KIA) with Grey of Wilton (KIA). 6xLb04
6x4Lb, SpPs05
1x3Sp and 1x2Ps (hand gunners),LbBd06
1x4Lb, 1x4Bd Lord FitzWalter (POW),Cb07
1x3Cb (Warrior/Crusade figures), Coustilliers08
1x2LH (Warrior/Crusade figures). Coustilliers; not really suited to this army or this part of the 15th century, more appropriate for French armies of the Burgundian Wars later in the century.  Had the figures, like ‘em, may as well use ’em.

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