Saturday, 2 April 2011

10mm Scots Covenanter

The 10mm Army. Figures are Pendraken .  All colours and standards are conjectural.Army02
The army deployed;Hurry22
Commander Sir John Hurry with dragoons in front.Right03
Right wing, Earl of Lothian’s Regt. with Sir Mungo Campbell of Lawers’ troop in support.Centre04
Centre, Earl of Loudon’s Regt. with Argyll’s Lifeguard and the Earl of Tullibardine’s Regt. in support.Left05
Left wing, Sir George Buchanan of that Ilk’s Regt. with Sir James Hackett’s horse.


  1. Looking good, Thanks for posting:-)


  2. One of these days I really should get down to expanding this lot by a couple more foot regiments and perhaps three horse.